About Us

Family & Friends

Tessa Clogs is that - we celebrate life with family and friends.  We wear clogs, we manufacture clogs and we want you to come visit us here in our playground we call home - Minturn, Colorado. 

Hand Made here in Colorado

All Tessa Clogs are made to order.  From cutting out the leather all the way to the end where we put a shipping label on your box - we are putting love and care into every step.  

Our family - a year or many ago

Our lifestyle of being outside with family is reflected in every Tessa Clog that we hand craft. 

the Manning's

Come out a visit our factory showroom in Minturn.  Besides trying on all of our different styles in person - we can point you to some wonderful adventures right out our door.  

working on flex clogs

Tessa sewing edge on uppers

hydraulic press cutting out uppers