Mother's Day Special-High Heel Chestnut Brown Closed Toe Moa Sandal 25 % off

We are offering this Classic Scandinavian Design with a Special discount for Mom. Vegetable Tanned Leather tends to be a little stiffer to start with, but will soften up and form beautifully with wear and has an unmatched durability. The Chestnut Brown is a warm,rich color with a lovely sheen. We have this style available for immediate delivery. Natural Stain. Wood base with polyurethane sole. Front base 1" Heel 2 3/4" . Handmade in Minturn,Colorado.

The process of vegetable tanning uses organic material and natural tannins derived from the barks, leaves and branches of trees and plants. This results in colors that are rich and deep in natural earthy tones such as browns, beiges, yellows and reds. The fibers of the animal hide used for the leather are visible in the finished product, lending an authenticity and personality to the leather that makes it more unique.

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